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Beyond Meat lands in the UK. And it’s delicious. I think.

Beyond Meat lands in the UK. And it’s delicious. I think.

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Across London (and in Bristol, Reading and Cambridge) Honest Burger is causing a bit of a stir. Yes. Mainly because of its heavenly burger burgers. But its vegan burgers are something of a phenomena too.

The creator is Beyond Meat, American-born company with the mission of being The Future of Protein. They’ve pitted their Beyond Burger against a quarter pounder in environmental impact test and come up glowing – using 99% less water and creating 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The Beyond Meat equivalent served up by Honest is juicy as a real burger. In fact, I had to check with my boyfriend that mine was actually the right one. It’s that convincing. Upon tasting, I also couldn’t be sure it wasn’t meat. Despite knowing the recipe is mainly pea protein (boasting a whopping 20g of plant protein a patty), with the redness coming from beets. Combined with the lettuce, tomato, onions and chipotle jackfruit, it was everything I wanted from a burger. And some.

I can see how a pure vegetarian or vegan might find it a little too carnivorous. The patty itself is charred and pink on the inside. And tastes uncannily like a chargrilled beef burger. But it’s worth a try. Even if just to register your disgust.

Plus the fries were delicious.

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